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Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)


Department of Counseling and Higher Education (CAHE)


Jaekel, Kathryn

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Nyunt, Gudrun; Hu, Xiaodan


academic libraries, academic librarians, academic library usage, academic library perceptions, college libraries, college faculty, faculty culture, faculty attitudes, faculty experiences, library experiences


Studies have shown that student use of the academic library’s resources and services contributes towards increased student success indicators. Unfortunately, students tend to avoid using the library unless they are required to do so. Existing literature shows that many faculty members do not incorporate the academic library’s resources and services in their courses even though they claim to have positive feelings about the library and librarians. This qualitative case study explored how ENG102 faculty members at a community college perceive and use the academic library. The findings confirmed that there are contradictions between faculty members’ positive perceptions and limited usage of the library. However, using a social constructivist framework, this study also suggests that these findings may be connected to the experiences faculty members had with using the academic library when they were undergraduates. Understanding this connection has implications for how librarians communicate with faculty members about the library. Librarians need to go beyond traditional awareness marketing and outreach efforts. They must build relationships with faculty members and have conversations with them about how the academic library supports student success and faculty’s role in students’ use of the library’s resources and services.


Northern Illinois University

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