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Carger, Chris Liska

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B.S.Ed. (Bachelor of Science in Education)

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Department of Literacy and Elementary Education


Children's literature is an important part of every child's life. Through literature, a child is able to learn about distant lands and time periods and may experience a multitude of adventures. Unfortunately, authentic children's literature is not used in the classroom often enough. To demonstrate how effectively and easily children's literature can be incorporated into the elementary curriculum, I have created an interdisciplinary unit to be used in a sixth grade classroom. I have chosen six books which each represent one major historical event in the American Twentieth Century. After reading each book I have written a three to four week activity outline that will teach concepts associated with the events depicted in the book. This unit can be used alone as a whole, or it can be broken down into its individual books to be used in conjunction with an existing history unit. Through this unit, children are able to live vicariously through each event rather than just memorizing the facts of each event.


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