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Bishop, Terrence R.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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This research project is designed to act as an initial guide to persons interested in the training issues and needs of small businesses. The purpose of the project was to educate myself as to the unique environment surrounding the small business entity. My information would come from both primary and secondary research. Because the subject of small business training is fairly new and under-researched as a function of human resources, my conclusions will be general in nature. The conclusions will be a building block for future researchers to use when addressing similar subjects. Ultimately, I hope to use the research to aid me in a small business consulting career. My research was both primary and secondary. I used articles from periodicals and journals, as well as a survey administered to thirteen small businesses. My major conclusions and findings were that this is a viable business opportunity as well as a dynamic topic that needs further intensive research. My paper is a basic starting point level of knowledge necessary for advancement into further detail concerning small business training.


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