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Graf, David

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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This Honors Capstone has been designed to gather a firsthand account from the prospective of Northern Illinois University College of Business faculty, students, and future employers on the impact of teamwork in courses. The relationship between the team curriculum in the College of Business and the team expectations and team atmosphere of potential employers of Northern Illinois University students will be revealed. This will allow for suggestions to be made on increasing the effectiveness of the College of Business team emphasis. This firsthand account was gathered through surveys distributed to the three research groups. Survey questions were constructed covering ten interrelated issues developed in the project's preliminary research phase. The three-fold hypothesis was supported. The surveys demonstrated that students have a wide range of opinions on the usefulness and advantages to teamwork in the College of Business, many of them negative. Employees seemed to have more positive experiences in teams than the students. Finally, the research supported that both students and faculty recognize many benefits of demanding teamwork in the classroom, and potential employers confirmed the advantages.


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