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Banek, Gail

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B.S.Ed. (Bachelor of Science in Education)

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Department of Literacy and Elementary Education


There is currently a problem regarding the amount of children without Pre-Kindergarten -due to the lack of income or knowledge about the importance of an early education. Research shows how detrimental it is for children not to take advantage of a time in their lives when their brains are rapidly growing. The lack of an education to nurture their development reduces their success in life -especially if they come from harsh family conditions such as poverty, domestic violence, or if these children were born with special needs. The Universal Preschool program would provide ALL children with this important education. I chose to write a research paper to support the benefits of a Universal Preschool program. This information is useful for parents, for current and future teachers. With the expectations of children rising and the standardized testing of children, this knowledge would be helpful to improve their achievement. I researched Universal Preschool in works of writing by early childhood professionals, surveyed students on and off-campus, and interviewed preschool and kindergarten teachers. Lastly, I created a sample unit of activities implemented in preschool that would develop all areas of growth. I hope my research helps parents and teachers realize the important for the Universal Preschool movement.


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