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In recent years, the incidence of teenage pregnancy has increased significantly (Weinman and Nenney, 1984). As health professionals, it is important for nurses to assess and understand the needs of the adolescents and determine how the health team can intervene effectively. Is there a relationship between the quality of health care given to adolescents and pregnancy in teenagers? The dependent variable is pregnancy in teenagers; this is looked at according to age, number of pregnancies (includes abortions, stillbirths, and miscarriages), birth control compliance, and perceptions of pregnancy. The independent variable is health care given. This is evaluated in knowledge of birth control, pregnancy, and the reproductive system, if birth control is utilized, clients perceptions of the clinics attended, and the effectiveness of the staff. These variables are all important for the health care team to assess when working with adolescent females. In today's society, the trend of needing an increased sexual awareness is easily observed. The availability of various methods of contraception is also increasing. Therefore, nurses must research the needs of the adolescent population in order to formulate the most effective care plans.


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