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Alhoori, Hamed

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Miftahul Jannat Mokarrama


Department of Computer Science


Academics and policymakers are seen as operating separately, which limits the potential impact of research on society. The influence of university research on policy documents is frequently underestimated, given that cutting-edge research is being conducted at universities. Therefore, it is crucial to unveil the role of academic research in fostering evidence-driven policymaking across various public service domains. In this study, we conducted an in-depth exploratory data analysis and statistical summarization to comprehensively understand the level of academic research present in policy documents. We chose five public universities from the state of Illinois and collected research and policy citation data for those universities from Overton between 2011 and 2022. We found that, for all universities, most of the research articles cited in the policy documents were not funded, and the average minimum policy citation lag ranged from 2 to 3.5 years. Moreover, the research articles primarily received citations from government policy documents published by the USA and the UK.


Northern Illinois University

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