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This Article is about opening up a debate on global innovation law. The Article argues that a new hybrid area of transglobal law has emerged in the past decade due to the rise of various disruptive and technological challenges to law beyond the state. As such, the Article argues that global innovation law is a new field that encapsulates the dynamics of law making and regulatory governance in how law operates in a transglobal environment. With the rapid changes in law and regulation to meet the demands of the global economy--the interaction of law and these changes at the domestic and international level can no longer be subjected to the interaction of domestic and international law. Although, there have been efforts to engage in a steady stream of scholarship to address similar developments, whether as "global administrative law," "legal pluralism," "transnational law," amongst others--they do not capture the dynamics of how law meets innovation as a result of disruptive technology. Hence, global innovation law is meant to address some of these challenges by looking at the confluence of globalization, innovation, and disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, data governance, and the financial technology sector. The premise of this Article is therefore to map the foundations of global innovation law.

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Northern Illinois University Law Review

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P. Sean Morris, Global Innovation Law, 41 N. Ill. U. L. Rev. 96 (2020).

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