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When I began working on this bibliography, I did not know what to expect. It was a new endeavor for me. An annotated bibliography on domestic violence seemed so straightforward. I soon learned just how mistaken I was in that belief. I have learned a great deal in this journey and during it have counted my blessings over and over again. Domestic violence is a legal issue, a social issue, an employment issue, and an international issue. It is an issue for the young, for the elderly, for lesbians, gay men and transgendered persons. It touches legal and illegal immigrants, and the lives of children, adults, parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. It is not a stranger to any tax bracket for it does not discriminate against the rich or the poor. Domestic violence does not recognize international borders. It knows no color. Domestic violence is terrifying. It is a subject kept secret throughout generations. It is an aspect of society not openly discussed until the latter part of the 20th century. Even today, many do not want to acknowledge its existence or its prevalence. Domestic violence will not go away if we ignore it. Your neighbor's cries in the night, the breaking glass you hear, your friends and co-workers excessive bruising are not private matters. Domestic violence cannot be kept hidden behind closed doors. We must remove our blinders and acknowledge its existence. Only in doing this can we face its horrors and eliminate them. Left unattended, domestic violence can fester in a family, pass from generation to generation and become a global epidemic. As I began examining the literature in this area I realized that I could not cover it all. There is just too much. What I have done in this bibliography is focus primarily on the aspects of domestic violence dealing with the adult abuser and the adult victim. Material involving children is included but only to the extent that it also involves adult abuse as well. Unfortunately, there are volumes of material available on child abuse that I could not incorporate given this limited scope. This bibliography touches upon several aspects of domestic violence. While the bulk of the information addresses domestic violence generally, there are separate sections containing annotations and article references on international and asylum law domestic violence issues, domestic violence between same-sex partners and domestic violence and the elderly. Within the general group of articles, there are a few subcategories. Those articles pertaining to children and failure to protect issues are together and articles addressing federal law are grouped together, as are articles addressing judicial involvement in domestic violence cases. In addition to the annotations, I have in some instances provided unannotated bibliographic references to articles and books that may also be of interest to the researcher. For space and time reasons this bibliography only covers materials published since 1990, with the exception of a book from 1986 found in the same-sex section of the bibliography. Most citations are to law review articles and there are a few select citations to treatises as well. While they are not represented here, there are numerous websites on the Internet that address various aspects of domestic violence. A simple search using "domestic violence" on most search engines will result in thousands of hits, many providing useful information on the topic. The Pathfinder annotated in Part I B may be useful in locating Web materials. Now for the caveat portion: I am by profession a Librarian and Legal Research Professor. In addition to these two things, I am also human and what is written below is what I believe the articles to be about, similar to the case annotations in a digest written by a legal publisher. If you wish to refer to these articles in your own research, I trust that you will read them for yourself. I hope the annotations can help the researcher to better determine if the topic covered is relevant to his or her research, but I do not intend the annotation to be a complete analysis of an article or book

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Northern Illinois University Law Review

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Therese A. Clarke Arado, Why Won’t Someone Help Me?: The Unspeakable Epidemic of Domestic Violence: an Annotated Bibliography, 23 N. Ill. U. L. Rev. 529 (2003).

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