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14th National Conference on Machines and Mechanisms, NaCoMM 2009

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Essential Tremor is the most common form of pathological tremor and is a major source of functional disability, affecting many of the daily living tasks. Essential tremor appears usually after the fourth decade and is slowly progressive. This paper is related to the active vibration control of the tremor of hand. Active vibration control has been successfully implemented in the past to control the vibrations of structures. In this study, a PID controller has been designed using MATLAB/SIMULINK. The PID controller has been loaded in the DS1104 processor. Experiments have been conducted on a beam and an artificial arm. A shaker is used to simulate the tremor signal and excite the artificial arm accordingly. An accelerometer attached to the arm gives the feedback to the controller. The controller takes the feedback from the accelerometer and produces the control (anti-vibration/anti-tremor) signal. This control signal is then sent to the actuator which is attached to the arm. Actuator exhibits the control signal on the arm to cancel the vibration due to tremor. Real-time experiment results can be visualized in the dSPACE control desk.

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DS1104 processor, DSPACE ControlDesk, Essential tremor, Matlab/Simulink, PID controller

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