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Human versus Nature is one of literature’s classic themes, but somewhere around the industrial revolution, human gained an unfair advantage in that battle. Nature is on the ropes. Climate disruption, rising sea levels, and novel diseases are making it clear that if we truly defeat nature, everyone loses.

In this webinar, we’ll talk to meteorologist Victor Gensini and mechanical engineer John Shelton, who are exploring human impact on the environment, researching ways to mitigate the damage and laying groundwork for a more sustainable future. We’ll also talk to author Jeff VanderMeer, whose writing explores themes related to the environment, animals and our future. VanderMeer has been called "the weird Thoreau" by The New Yorker. His books, like Annihilation and Hummingbird Salamander, imagine worlds where nature is more than just a backdrop; it’s an active entity that has decided to fight back.

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sustainability, environment, science fiction


Department of Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences| Department of Mechanical Engineering