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O'Connor, Henry (Professor of education)||Wells, Philip C.

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Mathematics; Textbooks--Illinois--Du Page County


Problem: It was the purpose of this study to make a survey of teacher opinion concerning eighth grade mathematics textbooks used in DuPage County. An attempt was made to answer three basis questions regarding the current eighth grade mathematics programs in DuPage County. 1. What is the most popular eighth grade mathematics text? 2. How do the teachers feel about their textbook and its treatment of each topic? 3. What topics are currently being taught in DuPage County's eighth grade mathematics classes? Procedure: The normative-survey method of research was used in this study. The first step in the survey was to obtain a list of the eighth grade textbooks currently being used in DuPage County from the office of the superintendent of schools. Copies of these textbooks were obtained and analyzed according to subject matter, i.e. per cents, sets et cetera. A listing of basic subject matter contained in these textbooks was constructed, and from this list, an opinionnaire was made in which the teachers were asked to rate their textbook according to how well it treats each one of those basic topics. The scores ranged from (1) very good to (5) poor. The teachers were also gives room to comment on the particular good and/or bad points of the textbook. The opinionnaire was sent to one eighth grade mathematics teacher in each of the forty K-6 school districts in DuPage County. Findings and Conclusions: After nine weeke the results were tabulated and tables were used to illustrate the following: 1. The Laidlaw series was being used by approximately 30 per cent of the districts. Silver Burdett was second with 17 per cent and had increased in popularity. Ginn and World Book seemed to be decreasing in popularity. 2. The combined mean rating score for all of the books mentioned in the survey was 2.4. This was equivalent to an average rating between "good" and "very good" on the opinionnaire. The teachers gave the topic "number bases" the highest rating, and "business arithmetic" had the lowest score. 3. "Traditional" eighth grade arithmetic, i.e. per cents, decimals, business arithmetic et cetera seems to be mentioned in almost all the books in the county, while more modern topics like trigonometry and modular arithmetic are covered by only about one-half of the textbooks. Using information obtained from the office of the county superintendent of schools and the survey, the following conclusions were drawn: 1. Laidlaw has the most popular eighth grade mathematics textbook in the county. Silver Burdett is second and increasing in popularity. 2. Some districts are experimenting with new material, but have not yet reported a textbook change to the superintendent's office. 3. Some schools have decided to stay with textbooks that are almost ten years old. 4. In general, the teachers that were surveyed seem to be pleased with their books. 5. There has been a gradual shifting, in the county, from a traditional content (per cents, decimals, business arithmetic et cetera) to a more modern approach (trigonometry, sets et cetera).


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