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Jaekel, Kathryn S.

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Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)

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Department of Counseling and Higher Education (CAHE)


This research explored the educational journey and experiences of Latina women and their persistence in higher education while seeking to earn a doctorate. While studies have been dedicated to identifying reasons for the low graduation rates of Latino students, this study focused on the persistence of Latinas in achieving their goal of higher education, specifically at the graduate level. A narrative research study method was used through semi-structured interviews that provided a portrait of factors that led to their success. The study examined the ways in which the Latina students persisted and whether their pathways are consistent with models of persistence and how internal and external factors influenced their goals. The findings from this present study offer guidance for ways institutions of higher education might better support Latina persistence and help others to achieve these positive outcomes. Critical race theory (CRT) and Latino critical race theory (LatCrit) were used to better understand the internal and external factors that impacted the successful Latina doctoral graduate.


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