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Yin, Yanbin

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Biological Sciences


This thesis examines three methodologies for applying bioinformatics techniques to microbial data. A computational analysis of RNA sequencing data showed that hbx1 is a global regulator in Aspergillus flavus. A particular focus of this analysis is the characterization of hbx1 in regard to regulation of secondary metabolite gene clusters and their production of aflatoxins. An analysis of bacterial genomes identified ORFans in both pathogenic and non-pathogenic genomes, along with their presence in sequence features. This investigation demonstrated that ORFan genes shared by pathogenic genomes were more related to bacterial pathogenicity. Evaluation of multiple types of recombination events in RNA sequencing data from two different species of Bromovirus introduced a better understanding of the frequency with which these events take place.


85 pages




Northern Illinois University

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