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Wilkins, Elizabeth A.

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Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)

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Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations (LEPF)


This case study investigated how elementary principals use transformational leadership and the Illinois Induction Program Continuum (IIPC) when supporting beginning teachers. The elementary principals who participated in the study (n=6) worked in the same school district that used a state approved new teacher induction program. Data collection methods included pre-written reflection questions, three formal interviews and a review of all induction program documents. The data analysis was initial and focused coding.

The most important finding from this study was how principals provided support for beginning teachers through dialogue, collaborative school context, professional development, and student behavior. The research findings also suggested that elementary principals used idealized influence more often than the other three traits of transformational leadership (individual consideration, intellectual stimulation, and inspirational motivation) when supporting beginning teachers. Finally, the research suggested that elementary principals do not rely on the standards outlined in the IIPC when supporting beginning teachers.

Future research should focus on elements of idealized influence (i.e., risk taking and collaboration) to determine if principal usage of this transformational leadership trait leads to higher retention rates or improved instructional practices. In addition, future research should

examine the frequency and depth of dialogue between principals and beginning teachers to unpack perceived and actual value. Finally, additional research on the use of the IIPC by principals at middle and high school levels may help determine changes in the criteria and expectations for planning, developing, and progress monitoring induction programs.


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