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Lynch, Darrel L.||Grosklags, James H.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Biological Sciences


Bacteria; Microorganisms; Microbiology


The purpose of this study was; (1) to isolate keratinophlic Actinoplanacese from Illinois soils; (2) to develop pure cultures of the organisms isolated; (3) to make a study of growth characteristics on selected artificial media; and (4) to set up a tentative classification of these organisms. The soil samples used in these investigations were obtained from various locations in Northern Illinois. The samples were from forested and cultivated areas. The samples were prepared for Isolation using a modification of the method described by Karling (1954). Substrate used for isolation was human and guinea pig hair. The organisms isolated were transferred to Petri dishes of Czapek agar or 3% agar by direct streaking of the washed heir onto the agar or streaking out loopfuls of sporangia suspended in sterile distilled water. Once colonies appeared on the agar, further transfers ware made to obtain a pure culture. Once colonies were growing in pure culture, the study of growth end morphological characteristics was carried out on Czapek agar, peptone Czapek agar, bactonutrient agar, yeast-extract agar, oatmeal agar, and potato dextrose agar. The investigation resulted in the study of five keratinophilic organisms. Four of these have been placed in the family Actinoplanaceae. One isolate has been classified in the genus Spirillospora end three have been placed in the genus Actinoplanes. The fifth isolate has been placed in the order Actinomycetales, but present findings do not allow for further classification.


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