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School libraries--Illinois--McHenry County


Statement of the problem, A Study of and Recommendations For the library Facilities in the McHenry Elementary Schools. Method of the study. Personal interviews, school board reports, first hand Investigation of each school situation, and library research were the method# used in obtaining the data. The study. This study traced the history and development of the McHenry Schools and its present library program, compared present library facilities and practices with those recommended for schools by the American Library Association, presented a plan for creation of a central library processing and supervisory office to coordinate library activities and offered suggestions on how to implement the proposed program to create a central library in each elementary school building. Findings of the study. Lack of awareness of the usefulness of a central library room and very rapid school population growth, creating a classroom space shortage, were found to be the leading reasons why no central library facilities exist in the kindergarten through fifth grades in the McHenry Schools. The study also found that the practices currently in use to provide library funds and library-experiences for the children are inadequate to meet the needs of today’s students. There is a willingness to improve the situation, but district wide changes will have to be made first. Conclusions of the study. On the basis of this study the following conclusions were drawn. (1) The library facilities in the McHenry Schools are inadequate in lieu of all considerations physical, financial and academic; (2) the McHenry Schools are well below the minimum recommended standards of the American Library Association; (3) space limitations and continued growth of the school district will create problems for those attempting to establish central libraries In each elementary school building; (4) A central library should be established in the Landmark School aa soon as the plans and budgetary arrangements can be approve; and (5) Aa soon as feasible a central office for library supervision and coordination should be set up.


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