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Belnap, Ralph A.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Religious education--Illinois--Batavia


Problem: The purpose of this study was to describe the total operation of the Batavia Plan for Weekday Religious Education as it has developed during forty years of continuous experience. Procedure: A review of the related literature was conducted which described the development of the American public schools and their position in regard to religious education. Several church-state situations were explored which served to illustrate the manner in which released time programs came into existence. Thirteen Batavia pastors were contacted through an interview-questionnaire method to determine the pertinent facts concerned with their individual programs as well as the total community program. Additional information was secured from the office of the Superintendent of the Batavia Public Schools. The data was compiled and summarized in chronological order from the first inception of the program to its present organization. Findings and Conclusions: The Batavia Plan was inaugurated at the request of the pastors, the community endorsed the plan, and time was made available through the cooperation of the public school administration. Most of the churches and a large percentage of the children of elementary school age have participated in the program. The Batavia Plan was organized as a denominational, or individual church program wherein each church was responsible for its own course of study and the basic philosophy of the program has changed very little. In most churches improvements in the programs have been initiated in the areas of curriculum, materials, teaching methods, and evaluation. Means of solving other minor difficulties are still being examined. The program has enjoyed community approval and cooperation for many years. Opportunities are present for the continued operation and development of the Batavia Plan.


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