Dawn L. Lipp

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Socio political organization in the Bronze and Iron Ages of the Monte Polizzo region of western Sicily as evidenced through settlement patterns and land use

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Anthropology


Pollino; Mount; Region (Italy)--Antiquities; Bronze age--Italy--Pollino; Mount; Region; Iron age--Italy--Pollino; Mount; Region; Land settlement patterns--Italy--Pollino; Mount; Region; Land use--Italy--Pollino; Mount; Region


In this thesis I examine socio-political organization during the Bronze and Iron Ages of the Monte Polizzo region of western Sicily. The purpose of this thesis was to gain information to aid in the Sicilian-Scandinavian Archaeological Project’s examination of the social, economic and political changes over time in this region. As a supplement to this examination, Northern Illinois University has been conducting a pedestrian survey of the region. The data for my thesis derive from the 1999 field season of this survey. The survey covered fifty percent of the thirty kilometers north and south of Monte Polizzo, using transects fifteen meters apart. I used a combination of topographical maps, the GIS program ArcView and coding systems unique to this survey to mark the location of each artifact. The survey yielded evidence relating to geographical features and the archaeological record. I utilize Service’s typology to show that socio-political organization in the Monte Polizzo region changed from bands in the Early and Middle Bronze Ages to a small, localized chiefdom in the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age to a larger multi-regional chiefdom such as that of the Elymi in the Late Iron Age.


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