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Tipton, Eleanor L.||Pursley, Wilbur||Smith, Wilbur A.

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M. Mus. (Master of Music)

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Choirboys--Training of


For the last two decades, educators have shown a resurgence of concern in the early Identification and training of young leaders In every field. In the field of elementary music, centered in the general music program, there is a need for identifying and developing the musically talented and musically interested child. To this end, special music groups have been organized in many elementary schools. One of these musical groups is the boys' choir, which will afford early musical experiences of an advanced nature for those participants. The purpose of this study was to develop a program of music for the boys' choir in the elementary school that would foster the development of musicianship through a study of appropriate choral music of high standard. This study included: 1) an investigation of current procedures in the organization and development of such groups; 2) selecting suitable choral literature that might be included in such a program; and 3) making suggestions of an analytical, historical, and technical nature concerning the Implementation of such a program. Questionnaires were sent to directors of three types of choirs in different sections of this country. These types included: l) professional boys' choirs) 2) all-city boys' choirs; and 3) boys' choirs in the elementary school. From the wealth of choral literature sent by music publishers, choral numbers were selected on the basis of the following criteria: 1) those considered to have appeal for boys of this age level) 2) music of various musical periods; and 3) numbers representing diverse types of choral music. As a result of the survey, a suggested program of procedures for organizing and training a boys' choir was formulated. Included in these procedures are plans for the mastery of vocal skills and techniques as well as the development of musicality. From the intensive study of the select choral literature, plans for the development of musicianship were made from three viewpoints: historical, analytical, and performance. As a result of the project, three goals have been attained: l) a wide selection of high quality choral literature for this age level was made) 2) the identification of structural elements and musical concepts highlighted in this literature was analyzed; and 3) a program of study incorporating this literature into a sequential unit of work was outlined.


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