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Sie, Georgiana W.||Reed, Mary Frances, 1906-

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Home Economics


Interpersonal relations; Self; Social psychology


The purpose of this study was to determine if there was a relationship between self-concept and peer preference in a sample consisting of the 33 children, 16 boys and 17 girls, enrolled at the Northern Illinois University Child Development Laboratory, DeKalb, Illinois. Data was obtained by administering and scoring a modified Picture Sociometric Test, and a Self-concept Instrument, and the teachers' ratings of the children’s peer acceptance and/or rejection. A correlation matrix and a 3 x 2 analysis of variance were used for data analysis. No significant relationship was found at 0.05 level of significance in the following: (1) between a nursery school child’s positive self-concept and his peer group acceptance, or between his negative self-concept and his peer group rejection; (2) between teachers' judgments of relationships and children’s peer preferences as indicated by the sociometric test; (3) between age and peer group acceptance and/or rejection/ between sex and peer group acceptance and/or rejection; (4) between sex and positive or negative self-concept. However, a significant relationship was found between age and self-concept in preschool children.


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