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Zinger, Donald S.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


SPICE (Computer file); Engineering; Electrical engineering; Metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors--Research; Electronic circuit design--Research; Integrated circuits--Design and construction--Research


This paper proposes a simple extraction technique which can be used to extract device parameters of any power MOSFET easily. It only requires the use of transfer and output characteristic graphs to extract threshold voltage and transconductance and a few formulas to extract the parasitic capacitances of the power device. The extraction technique is presented in an easy to understand step by step procedure. The parameters extracted using this process are used to develop a spice model. Transient analysis is done for the extracted model and the resistive switching performance is compared with the datasheet in order to prove the effectiveness of the extraction technique used. Inductive switching is also done for the extracted model and the effect of varying the parameters of the MOSFET on inductive switching times is observed. Finally, this observation is then used to develop a new mathematical SiC power MOSFET model which has better inductive switching times than the extracted model and the thesis is concluded.


Advisors: Donald S. Zinger.||Committee members: Michael J. Haji-Sheikh; Venumadhav Korampally.


65 pages




Northern Illinois University

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