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Zinger, Donald S.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


Reluctance motors; Electric generators--Direct current; Electric machinery--Direct current


This paper presents an analysis tool for the design and development of switched reluctance generating systems. A detailed computer model of a switched reluctance generating system was developed using MATLAB and SIMULINK software packages. The LV100 Switched Reluctance Starter/Generator System, developed by Sundstrand for an aircraft engine application, was used as the blueprint for the construction of the model and was validated with actual test data from that system. Overall, the switched reluctance generating system model provides a reasonable estimate of the actual switched reluctance generating system performance. The switched reluctance generating system model allows the user to change any part of the system and see the effects without physically changing the hardware or going to a test stand. The user can save time and money testing new designs before changing the real system. The remaining part of this paper is devoted to two examples of how the system model can be used to test alternate voltage feedback filter designs. The system model showed how the performance of the system could be improved by changing the voltage feedback filter to either a band-reject or synchronously sampled filter method. This paper limited the exploration to just two examples, many other methods can be tested.


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