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Canon, Charles (Professor of art)||Burke, Roy O.

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Paper industry; Paper industry


This study is a general survey and compilation of facts about paper as a surface material for use by the artist. From several sources, including: books, periodicals, direct correspondence, and interviews, the information was gathered. The historical background of the paper industry is presented: handmade paper is surveyed from its inception in 105 A. D., the gradual introduction of machinery is discussed; the basic pulps and their methods are explained. The second section examines the present state of the foreign handmade paper industry and how its product is made. The American machine paper industry is discussed; the resulting qualities of the two kinds of paper are compared; and the sources by which paper reaches the artist are explained. Though the presentation of this information was an end in itself, the final section discusses certain areas of importance to the artist which appeared as additional considerations during the study. Due to the growth of interest in certain media which use paper as a prime surface carrier, it is useful to the artist to know the physical properties that result from its makeup and manufacture. The importance of this knowledge as a basis to sound artistic craftsmanship is emphasized. In surveying the handmade paper industry, it became evident that it is in danger because of economic pressures, but that it is important to anyone using quality papers, not only because of its inherent worth, but because it presents a goal of achievement and quality for the paper industry as a whole. By arming the artist with a good background knowledge of paper it is hoped this will promote a more informed use of the material resulting in the best possible quality in works of art using this surface.


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