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Baker, William, 1944-

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Church of England. Book of common prayer--Bibliography


This thesis is a descriptive and historical study of the 1599 Genevan Bible printed by J. F. Stain, RSTC #2174, based on an examination of a copy lent by the Biblical Heritage Collection Archives, London, and a comparison of this copy with the copy at the University of Illinois at Urbana, Special Collections. The aim of this study is to consolidate existing research on the phenomenon of J. F. Stam's pirated editions of the Genevan Bible and to propose new hypotheses about their origins through descriptive and analytical study of this one edition. In particular, this study aims to focus attention on the false imprints in these editions, and to amplify information in such works as the Revised Short Title Catalogue, and the Historical Catalogue of Printed Editions of the English Bible. My study will be divided into two sections. The first part is an historical account of the significance of this edition of the Genevan Bible in light of my findings. Existing research is reexamined in order to discover new insight into the printing of this edition and to discover its origins. The difficulty which scholars have had in achieving this task is addressed and in some measure resolved. The second part is a descriptive analysis of this copy of RSTC #2174, as well as the Book of Common Prayer, 1636, RSTC #16404.4, and the Book of Psalms, 1599, RSTC #2499, as bound together with this copy. Inclusion of these other books is to reflect the state of this particular copy as well as to include them in the discussion of contemporary books which are frequently found bound together with seventeenth-century bibles. Full descriptive notes and appendices are provided for all these books including lists of woodcuts, maps, initial letters, irregularities of this copy, and differences between this copy and that at Urbana.


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