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Caldwell, Loren T.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Earth Science


Nature in literature


It has long been assumed by various educated end uneducated persons alike, that many individual scholastic disciplines have rather sharp boundaries separating them; and therefore, it is believed that little can be gained in the understanding of a particular discipline by studying other seemingly unrelated disciplines. Though in some cases the interdisciplinary connections may be subtle, they are nonetheless present, and an awareness of their presence is important to any educated individual in the better understanding of the extent of influence of his own particular field of interest on other fields, and other influence upon his own. To illustrate these interdisciplinary connection the two seemingly widely separated fields of Poetry and Astronomy were chosen for comparison, and the results of this comparison comprise a major part of this paper. It should be quite apparent to any reader that many astronomical ideas can be gleaned from a careful study of selected poetry; and similarly, it can be seen how the astronomical knowledge of various periods has influenced the contemporary and subsequent poetry.


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