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Garthe, William||Feyerherm, Harvey A.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Biology


Electrophoresis; Cockroaches


Haemolymph and fat body of different stages of the cockroach, Elaberus were analyzed electrophoretically in regard to their protein content using polyacetate strips as a support medium. Extracts of eggs were also compared with the hemolymph and fat body of females. Any two samples to be compared were run side by side on the same strip. This was made possible by removing a longitudinal piece from the middle of the strip. This technique also obviated the difficulty arising from differential rate of migration of the same sample on different strips. There seemed to be a considerable degree of correspondance between protein bands of hemolymph and fat body of all stages with respect to number of bands and other characteristics such as relative concentration, width, mobility, etc. Typically three major bands were detectable in hemolymph while fat body had, in addition, some minor bands. All bands of hemolymph were thus well represented in fat body and this observation serves as a good evidence in support of the theory which looks at fat body as the site of protein synthesis in insects. Also the same basic pattern persisted throughout life except for band I which is missing in some lower stages.


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