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Feyerherm, Harvey A.||Terwilliger, George L.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Biological Sciences


Ecology; Freshwater biology


The world is a place of many awesome wonders from the highest mountain tops to the depths of the sea# Familiar to most people are the publicized large biota that live on land and in marine depths. Overlooked and often unknown biotically, however, is the small local pond, a world within a world. In a study concerning a biotic community such as a pond, one cannot help but notice the interreactions of organisms with one another or with the physical and chemical factors present within the environment. During the pond study a number of organisms were seen but unfortunately were not identified due to lack of experience by the author. In identifying the various biota, the keys of ward and chippie, and Jahn and Jahn wore used for identifying the protozoa; Kudo was used for verification. Eddy, Pennak, Parmalee, and Pope were used for the higher fauna. Tiffany, and Needham were employed for Identifying the flora.


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