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Business teachers--Illinois--Chicago


This study is an analyzation of the Chicago business education teacher. It studies the business teachers' background in three areas. These three areas are personal background, educational background and professional experience. A questionnaire was mailed to 280 Chicago business education teachers. From the 129 teachers who replied, the data were gathered and analyzed. The study reveals that the majority of business teachers were born, raised and educated in the Chicago area. The teachers come from families in which 4.7% of their fathers were unskilled workers and in which 83.6% of their mothers were housewives. Thirty-three per cent of the mothers graduated from high school and 25.5% of the fathers did also. Ninty-one and five tenths per cent of the respondents have lived in Chicago for eleven years or more. Seventy-six and seven tenths per cent of the teachers belong to a church. The study also shows that 56.5% of the Chicago business teachers are over fifty years of age. A great majority, or 72.1% of the teachers are female and 52.7% of the teachers are married. The Chicago business teacher is well educated and has many years of teaching experience. Every business teacher who replied has at least a Bachelor's Degree and 57.3% of the respondents have Master's Degrees. Fifty-seven and seven tenths per cent of the business teachers have over twenty years of teaching experience. The Chicago business teachers belong to many professional organizations. Ninety-four and six tenths per cent of the business teachers belong to an educational organization. Also, articles have been written for publication by 26.3% of the respondents. This study will be of value to the administrator who wants to know more about the Chicago business education teacher, and also to the student who may be planning a business teaching career in the Chicago public schools.


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