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Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)


Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology, and Foundations (LEPF)


Creed, Benjamin

Committee Members

Summers, Kelly; Klein, Jason


Middle School, Grow Your Own, Grow Your Own Teacher, Teacher Attrition


Middle School Grow YOur Own Teaching Program

This dissertation addresses the teacher shortage in the United States of America. The profession of education has struggled to find teachers to fill vacancies and it is being felt throughout the country. This is not just in the rural areas or areas of low socioeconomic status. Even high paying districts are feeling the squeeze. Many school districts are trying to combat this problem in different ways, especially Grow Your Own teaching programs. Many of these programs run by school districts are focused on high school students, although there has been a lack of information on the thoughts of middle school students. The methods that are used in this research were about middle school students and the expectancy value theory (EVT) about the teaching profession. Over fifteen hundred middle school students were surveyed to understand their thoughts on the profession of teaching including the barriers that they face. The results showed that many students have already made up their minds about a career in teaching. While many feel that they can do the career, it is not worth it to them. There are obvious spots of misconceptions that middle school students have about the profession of education. The conclusion of this research proves that there is a need for a middle school elective that would be an introduction to teaching.


Northern Illinois University

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