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Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)


Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology, and Foundations (LEPF)


Roberts, Patrick

Committee Members

Gibson, Lynn; Wasonga, Teresa


Master Scheduling, Secondary Scheduling, Scheduling Practices, Scheduling Process, Staff Assignments, Student Access, Scheduling System, Master Scheduler, Training, Support


Master scheduling is a high-stakes process that plays a critical role in a school’s ability to effectively deliver instruction to students. Proper care is required to ensure students have equitable access to courses and staff assignments are maximizing the functionality of the schedule. Despite its significance, however, there is little extant literature or research on the topic of master scheduling itself or its agents, Master Schedulers. The scope of this research strives to fill that gap by analyzing the master scheduling processes of a Midwest, urban, public school district through the lens of Systems Theory. Through this study, strengths and weaknesses of the district’s master scheduling system are identified. The results are then synthesized into an action plan which would enable the district to correct the system’s deficits and ensure a healthy and sustainable system.


Northern Illinois University

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