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The corporate governance environment has changed. The rate of CEO successions is naturally trending up, succession planning is in dire need of repair, and boards are under increasing pressure to focus on oversight. This confluence of events creates a ‘perfect storm.’ Within this new environment, interim successions are on the rise. But isit all bad news? This article explores the decision of corporate directors to use temporary chief executive officers (CEOs) and the roles served by these interim leaders. We include a typology of interim CEOs and prescribe the contexts in which organizations can strategically pursue this type of succession. We conclude with a list of recommendations for how boards can most effectively manage interim leadership in the new corporate governance environment.



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Mooney, Christine H., et al. (2013). Interim succession: Temporary leadership in the midst of a perfect storm. Vol. 56 (Issue 5) pp. 621-633. DOI: 10.1016/j.bushor.2013.05.005.

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