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Shibata, Tomoyuki

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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School of Nursing and Health Studies


Traffic accidents are a growing public health concern in some low and middle income countries, which have seen a rapid expansion in personal vehicle use. There is a gap in knowledge regarding the risk factors of drivers that may contribute to traffic accidents in Myanmar. A needs assessment took place in Mandalay, Myanmar, during participation in a research workshop with local students and professors in 2019. A pilot survey was developed and tested using a free online and offline data collection and management software, Kobotoolbox. A new survey, expanded to include specific questions regarding knowledge, perception, and behaviors that could lead to accidents, will be administered over social media to collect a larger sample and deeper understanding of safety in Myanmar with a local team. During the needs assessment, unsafe behavior among drivers and passengers had been frequently observed. The survey is expected to show certain population groups (young, urban location) may show and increased rate of traffic accidents than others. Also, this study is going to demonstrate how knowledge, perception, and behavior can be linked to higher incidence of traffic accidents. Learning about the behavior of drivers including whether they use mobile phones while driving or wear protective equipment and safety devices such as helmets, seatbelts, and appropriate clothing will fill in the knowledge gap about traffic safety in Myanmar. This study will provide recommendations for local stakeholders to develop safety programs to further promote safe driving behavior, which can prevent traffic injuries.

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