Dakota Valles

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Sagarin, Brad J., 1966-

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)


Department of Psychology


Evolutionary psychologists theorizes that humans, as a species, have established sex differences in jealousy due to the male’s fear of paternal uncertainty, and a female’s desire for paternal caregiving that stem from our evolutionary past. This suggests a male is likely to be in more distress over sexual infidelity, while a female is more likely to be more distressed over emotional infidelity. Recently, new findings have suggested that these differences might be due to the male’s ability to visualize sexually explicit images more vividly. A study will be done which has men and women answer a forced-choice infidelity dilemma, either with standard instructions or with instructions encouraging vivid imagery. Competing predictions will be tested, with the results supporting the evolutionary psychology theory or the recent challenge to it.




Northern Illinois University

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