Jayson Shiau

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Hashemian, Reza

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


The Digital Design with FPGA prototyping being undertaken with Dr. Reza Hashemian involves using a Nexys 4 digital board created by Xilinx and manipulating it through a hardware design language to be able to incorporate in all sorts of technological devices. Some of the challenging components of this project are the slow learning process as progress is made, the Verilog Hardware Design language, the application of the digital board and FPGAs, and designing the technological component to be used in application. The most probable application I originally intended for this project was to develop a robotic vision system to get a map of whatever room the it is set up in and to target a certain object in that room. Things that needed to be considered were the comparison of robotics vision to the eyes of a human and that the vision the robot uses has two fixed points that would read two different distances when looking at a single point in space. After this, calculations would need to be made for the angle between these two lines to come up with a good estimate of how far that object is. Continuation of this project will allow for the advancement of the vision system development and a mobile robot component to be able to pick up any object it detects and bring it back to the user.




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