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Self-Portrait was created in order to do a number of things. Since I was entering the work force, I needed some way to advertise myself and my style of illustrations. An easy way to do so is to create a self-portrait of oneself with one’s work. Once completed, this self-portrait could be printed with my name and other information so that the prospective employers could see a sample of my work before even viewing my portfolio. I took several photographs of myself at my drawing table, working on one of my already completed illustrations. I then chose the best one and decided on the medium of pen and ink to render the portrait. I fashioned the picture in such a way that allowed for room at the top and bottom of the drawing for any future printing. However, rather than write on the original copy information that might later change, I instead scanned the drawing into a computer and manipulated it in the QuarkXPress program. I added my name, address and phone number, and also included four other drawings that I had scanned into the computer as well. The finished document contains four illustrations plus the self-portrait and the necessary information. It has been saved on my disk in case I wish to change it in any way, such as adding new drawings or information. The finished product is a sophisticated way for me to advertise my skills to various companies that also happens to be inexpensive. I am glad that I created Self-Portrait for my portfolio; not only is it a valuable marketing tool, but a finished piece of work that strengthens the work I have already created. Self-Portrait will remain invaluable to me for years to come.


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