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Nagi, Mazen

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

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Department of Political Science


This paper brings together the fields of hydrology, politics, and national security to stress the importance of potable water. The hypothesis is: the more decentralized the process of obtaining drinkable water is, the more resistant those processes are to negative forces like changes in the water cycle, short-sighted interests of governments, and the threats of state and non-state actors. This study recommends the utilization of renewable resources such as biochar to reprocess waste-water, and fog nets to capture water for use. The countries of Egypt, Iraq and Syria, and Yemen are used as examples for water issues faced throughout the region. In conclusion the MENA region must prioritize and adapt to their precarious situations or face further challenges.


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Northern Illinois University

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Pour for Yourself First: Security and the Need for Hydro-Independence in the Middle East

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