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Blaschak, Mary Jo

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Physical Therapy


Rotator cuff injuries are the third most common injuries behind neck and back. By informing patients about the anatomical structure and the purpose of these four muscles, we can help prevent or at least postpone the injury. In any case of an injury, an informative case study would provide knowledge of what to expect from a physical therapist. This project provides a brief overview of the rotator cuff muscles and their function. It also goes into detail about different types of rotator cuff injuries. The major purpose of this project is to describe the steps a physical therapist would take in diagnosing and treating a rotator cuff injury. This project gives exercises one would use in the case of a rotator cuff injury and it also gives mobility tests to compare normal mobility with injured mobility. Due to rotator cuff injuries being the third most common injury, it is important to inform and prepare the public for one such injury.


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