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Kuo, Yih-Wen

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

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School of Art


In partial fulfillment for a B.A degree in Studio Arts with upper division honors, I have chosen to take on a creative project in which I have explored, through ceramic medium, the concepts that I identify with the shape of a ring. The result of this creative exploration has been a diverse group of both functional and sculptural artworks relevant to my thesis. The shape of the ring is a symbol of unity and completeness, love, motion, and life. Such strong symbols indicate the impact such a shape or figure has hand on not only our lives but also on the lives of all civilizations throughout history. With that in mind, many of my ideas come from antiquity. Many of my concepts have been derived from the meanings that the shape represents. The circular shape has enveloped our lives in almost every way thinkable. The very universe in which we are a part of is a system of spheres traveling in ring-like paths.


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