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Pudrith, Charles

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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School of Allied Health and Communicative Disorders


There has been increased studies in genetic polymorphisms for acquired sensorineural hearing loss (ASNHL). Many of these studies identify genes related to single cochlear insults such as age-related, noise-induced, or ototoxic hearing loss. These insults have overlapping molecular mechanisms. In a recent study, we used a cluster analysis to analyze genes related to ASNHL for all three cochlear insults to identify biological processes that generalize to ASNHL. In this study, we compared genes and biological processes highlighted in the previous study with the genes and biological processes highlighted in systematic reviews of ASNHL caused by individual insults to determine which new genes and processes were identified in our recent analysis. Biological processes found in our recent studies systematic review, but not other systematic reviews include folic acid metabolism and blood vessel diameter regulation. Identifying these new biological processes has demonstrated that a broader systemic review and cluster analysis of genes related to ASNHL reviled pathways otherwise missed by more focused reviews of ASHNL caused by individual cochlear insults. The results of our recent analysis also confirmed the association of oxidative stress, potassium recycling and many other biological processes identified in previous reviews.


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