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Martens, Kimberly

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Biological Sciences


The hypothesis is that Art, as a learning tool and creative process, actually improves a student’s basic skills in Science. When incorporated into the curriculum, art projects that are directly related to the science subject matter help students understand the material and improve their skills and thinking processes. Research includes: historical evidence of intelligence strengthened by an art and science background, current art processes that are related to adolescent performance or development in school, published pieces concerning the connections between art and science, and studies on cognitive development in the brain that are influenced by art- science interactions. Additional interviews with professionals in the fields of Education, Psychology (Sciences) and/or Art were conducted in hopes of learning that there are advantages that using art in science may provide high school students. Issues such as budget cuts have also been addressed as circumstances that may obstruct the idea of an art-science curriculum. Through extensive research, evidence has been compiled that suggests that art plays a significant and valid role in the high school science classroom.


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