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Stenger, Drake C.

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The bipartite ‘geminivirus -Squash Leaf Curl Virus (SLCV) has been the subject of several recent studies. Occuring in several strains, the strain known as SLCV-C is the object of this study. Since the virus is familiar to the discipline of plant virology but has not been largely considered in an experimental capacity when present in this isolate, this study endeavored to determine to which of the previously-studied strains SLCV-C appears most similar. Major aspects of the study were concerned with the determination of the physical nature of the strain, including the construction of a restriction endonuclease map and a test of the spectrum of the species to which SLCV-C proves infectious. Plasmids containing the cloned DNA of SLCV-C were isolated and purified from long-term storage, and cleaved with eighteen available restriction endonucleases such that an accurate restriction map could be produced. After a dimeric clone of the virus was produced to facilitate infection of plant tissues by rolling-circle replication, infectivity assays were performed. The results of the restriction map and infectivity assays with subsequent southern analysis show that SLCV-C possesses similar restriction sites and infects tissues in a capacity and range most similar to SLCV-R, a narrow-host-range strain characterized in previous studies.


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