Tamara Pytel

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Liggett, Hampton R.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering


This project consisted of working with the Super Web, referred to as the printer, at the Avery Dennison facility located in Rochelle. There was a large amount of downtime associated with the printer. The scheduled downtime was the main cause, however the interest was in reducing the unscheduled downtime. The main causes of the unscheduled downtime were materials, unscheduled maintenance and not staffed. The problem associated with materials was not having mylar to run the printer. The unscheduled maintenance was mainly due to problems with the punches, plates, blankets and knives. Finally, there were occurrences in which the machine was not staffed due to operator absenteeism or the operator helping on another machine. The recommendations made to reduce the unscheduled downtime included having a safety stock of mylar, increasing the preventative maintenance before an order is run, determining how long the punches and blankets last, having two plates available and hiring parttime employees if needed. Other recommendations included doing a follow-up analysis and ensuring the work center monitor sheets are filled out consistently.


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