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In a day and age where social media is thriving, and more prominent than ever, it is quite surprising that there is no social website dedicated strictly for car enthusiast. A place where you can be surrounded by like minding people and share the cars you’re so proud of. To address this problem, I decided to build my own website. The methods of doing such, involved writing pages upon pages of code. The code incorporated languages of CSS, HTML, PHP, and SQL paired with the programs of NotePad Plus Plus, Putty, and FileZila. The combination of the above tools built a website that allows users to do the following: make an account, add cars to their accounts, search and view other accounts, and view pictures of other’s cars. The outcome of this project was successful and created a potential asylum for car enthusiast around the world.


Attached is a link to the website. Dependent on when you are trying this, the server may be down. (17 kB)
This is a zip file of the websites used code (15 kB)
This is a zip file of the additional pages that didn't end up being used

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Here is the writing part of the project, which provides a detailed overview.


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