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Representation within the field of dietetics nutrition and wellness has been a concurrent issue in the inclusion of racial groups. Creating a podcast to share research on different dietary practices within different ethnic groups to help bring awareness of the many challenges minorities can face. To open a discussion, that helps educate us on how to be more inclusive will garner more techniques and skills to strengthen us for our professional future in dietetic, nutrition, and wellness. We want to further educate those in the family and consumer health field to become more aware of cultural traditions, practices, and religious backgrounds. This podcast will help us research more topics on inclusivity and ethical approaches to the health and human sciences field. As we are three minority females; Southeast Asian, African American, and Hispanic, we have a diverse background in racial issues, culture, and religious/ethical approaches to the health field. Being a minority student, we have noticed the lack of inclusion in the curriculum of dietetics, nutrition, and wellness. We have made it our mission to educate ourselves, fellow peers, and faculty on being more inclusive of dietary practices within different ethnic groups. This research will be guided toward research for our NUTR 410 course. Our goal is to inspire, empower, and overall bring awareness to future Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) students.


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