Amy Czupryn

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Hubbard, Christopher J.

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This paper helps explain to people what the rotator cuff is all about. The motive of this paper was to find out why your body as a adolescent versus an adult affects the rotator cuff muscle tears and injuries differently and then the best way to treat these causes. The rotator cuff muscles are really fascinating the way they work together to allow the shoulder to function. People can cause injuries to their muscles, which in turn creates a lot of pain. Some of the causes can depend on your age and the overall shape your body is in. The main difference between the rotator cuff muscles in a child versus an adult is the connective tissue component. When injuries occur to the rotator cuff, the connective tissue never fully heals and so that is why healing can be more difficult in an older adult. Trying to find the best treatment really depends on the individual and what they think they will.


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