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The purpose of this literature review is to identify strategies that have been shown to prevent burnout syndrome in nurses in order improve overall patient safety and care. Burnout syndrome can be defined as a physical, mental, and emotional state caused by chronic overwork and a sustained lack of job fulfillment and support. With prevention strategies identified, nurses can work to decrease work-associated stress and increase performance levels in order to achieve better patient outcomes. The shortage of available openings in nursing schools has led to a growing gap between the supply and demand for skilled nurses. Because of this, many hospitals and health care facilities are inundated with more work than they can handle (Writers, 2019). This overload of stressful situations in the workplace is ultimately what leads to burnout syndrome. When stress is not a major factor, nurses are less likely to make mistakes on the job and; therefore, provide improved care while keeping patients safe. Although the way a stressful event is perceived depends on individual characteristics, resilience, and coping skills, interventions can be used to decrease overall stress levels in an individual. Types of interventions include stress management programs, communication skills training, professional identity development programs, changes in work environments, and teamwork development courses. This literature review will incorporate and discuss clinically proven ways to prevent burnout syndrome in nurses.

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