Alia M. Prine

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This paper explores various published articles relating to pressure ulcers and why it’s important in healthcare to prevent them. Not only this, but there were two websites used to get general information about pressure ulcers. This research was all conducted through the use of the internet libraries supported by Northern Illinois University. The articles vary in their content range. Multiple articles give preface to what pressure ulcers are and their staging. Once staged, health care professionals can then determine the best course of treatment. However, the more advanced the ulcer, the more difficult to treat furthering the importance to prevent them. The majority of the articles reviewed for this research talk specifically about pressure ulcer prevention and the best methods to do this clinically. This paper is going to describe what a pressure ulcer is, methods in which patients get them, and predisposing risk factors. All of this information is essential to the reader to know what a pressure ulcer is so that they can prevent it. By understanding the pathophysiology, healthcare workers can use their knowledge and critical thinking to prevent one from forming. Hospitals can prevent pressure ulcers from happening, and if they don’t, the cost of treatment will be paid for by the hospital. The message of this paper will be the most evidence-based methods on how to prevent pressure ulcers in patients: the use of a care bundle with turning patients every two hours.


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