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Dr. Brad Sagarin

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Psychology


This study examined the relationship between jealousy and mate retention behaviors in the context of polyamorous and monogamous relationships. Seventy-nine individuals completed an online survey measuring relationship style, jealousy (emotional and cognitive), and mate retention behaviors (intersexual direct guarding, intersexual negative inducements, intersexual positive inducements, intrasexual public signals of possession, and intrasexual negative inducements). For direct guarding and intersexual negative inducements, emotional jealousy mediated the relationship between relationship styles and mate retention behaviors. It was also found that the polyamorous sample engaged in more public signals than the monogamous sample, independent of jealousy. This study expands on the limited body of research on people in polyamorous relationships, as well as expanding on the relationship between jealousy and mate retention behaviors.


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Group Differences in Jealousy and Mate Retention Behaviors between Polyamorous and Monogamous Relationships

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