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Jacobs, Larry W.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Operations Management and Information Systems


This paper will discuss policy deployment and its implications for a company's successful pursuit of its vision. The main goal is to support my contention that information dissemination and employee motivation are key to achieving a company vision. The literature will be discussed by the means of relaying common, basic tenets (advice). Two diverse companies, Motorola and Berlin Packaging, were studied, with personal interviews being the major information-gathering technique. These companies will be compared and evaluated based on six focus areas that became apparent after examining the results of the interviews and the policy deployment principles upon which they were based. I came to the conclusion that Motorola's real strength lies not in its production capabilities, but in its commitment to its employees. Without this, all other initiatives become nearly impossible to achieve. Berlin Packaging, and many other struggling but aggressive firms, should use Motorola as a proven standard and adapt its methods to their companies.


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